Guinness Storehouse on Flickr.

I had a shoot in the Guinness Storehouse for the Liffey Valley Athletics Club’s 40th birthday and got a chance to go up to the Gravity Bar for a few minutes. I snapped right before the other guests walked into frame.

The National - Matt Berniger's TippleThe NationalThe NationalThe National

The National: Iveagh Gardens, a set on Flickr.

I was delighted to add The National to the list of bands that I’ve shot from the pit. I wasn’t expecting this one to drop in my lap but it did and I love the results.

The day started off with pissing rain, thunder and it didn’t look good for being out later that night with a load of camera gear. Amazingly, I left work and the day was sunny and really hot. Score!!

In contrast, I was at their second show the next night and it was gloomier skies so the band had more lights on them for the first three songs. We also lucked out by having a longer three song set to shoot on the first show, with the Dessner brothers giving more opportunities to step up front and get closer to the audience.

Bar the tiny issue that was Matt Berniger’s penchant to obscure most of his face with his hands as he sings into the mic for most of the time I was shooting, they were a great band to shoot.

Cat PowerCat PowerCat PowerCat Power

Cat Power: Olympia Theatre, a set on Flickr.

I had never caught Cat Power Sun live before and didn’t know what to expect due to her reputation. I’ve heard many stories but lately I figured her shows would be more straight forward, less drama and chaos. Funnily enough that didn’t really happen.

Chan Marshall performed her set with many stops & starts, nervous ramblings and, off microphone, discussing her feared sound issues to the crowd. At one point she even stopped a song, saying she couldn’t concentrate on what she was playing because of the trouble in Israel & Palestine.

Regardless of this, when she hit her stride, she sounded powerful.

Hall & OatesHall & OatesHall & OatesHall & Oates

Hall & Oates: Olympia Theatre, a set on Flickr.

Last night I was one of very few people allowed to shoot the Hall & Oates gig. This was their first show ever in Dublin and they unleashed the classics from the very start.

I had to shoot from the sides and avoid the pit due to film crews filming. They had a big crane coming out of one of the boxes to boot. The ram packed Olympia crowd was spilling onto the walkways and in and out of the bar so my option to get some shots from the back of the theatre, to show the stage backdrop were hampered. Once I crossed sides I decided not to waste time returning again.

It was a great, sweaty and energetic show to shoot. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Brian Jonestown Massacre on Flickr.

This was one of the toughest gigs I’ve had to shoot so far. The band were completely in the dark with only back lighting, and not great back lighting for cool silhouettes. I was pushing the camera to 64000 ISO at times just to see what I could get from it. Ridiculous.
Good gig though.

Meeting Chad Channing

Yesterday I got to tag along to an interview between GoldenPlec and Chad Channing.  When I saw this interview listed as ‘in person’ I leaped at the idea of going along to take some shots of the interview and to meet the man.  

I am a huge Nirvana fan.  I practically ate every book going about them and have helped set up anniversary gigs ion honour of the 20th anniversaries of Nevermind and In Utero.  My favourite band of all time.  So getting the opportunity to meet a former member was a no brainer.

We all went into a pub next to the Sugar Club to sit and have the interview.  It was hard to hear everything given we couldn’t go to the quiet back of the pub (reserved yet empty the whole time) and the tennis played loud on the TV.  I took some shots and tried to listen in to his soft spoken voice as he answered questions about himself, Nirvana and his current band, Before Cars.

We got on to the guest list for their show that.  I have to say, having only heard one song that day I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very surprised.  The support, Lace Weeper, were brilliant.  They had an Alice in Chains acoustic vibe to them.  The singer’s voice is amazing.  Then Before Cars came on and I just loved their set.   They were funny, they slagged where I’m from, Shannon, because they landed there and it was as loud as crickets.  Yep, it’s that exciting.

I went up after, got a copy of all their albums and 7” single and got them signed by them all.  So all in all a great day.  I’ll be posting photos once they have appeared with the interview on  

Pixies on Flickr.

Love this band. So happy to get to photograph them live.